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Technologiks announces partnership with Insight Delivered

Specialist technology solution provider Technologiks has announced an exclusive agreement to represent Insight Delivered in South Africa. Insight Delivered is a UK-based analytics company focusing on key financial and business processes. “The world is moving at an extremely fast pace, and analytics is becoming key to business success. While many companies have data and analytics programmes in place, they are still unable to get the benefit of dynamic insights. Our solution stack has been created to ensure that companies can improve their operations and make better decisions. The addition of Insight Delivered to our portfolio rounds out our offering, allowing us to provide customised solutions to our customers,” says Gerald Naidoo, CEO of Technologiks. Insight Delivered’s products include business metrics dashboards as well as pre-packaged financial analytics modules. Providing dynamic presentation of multiple sources of business data, Insights Delivered helps companies access one version of the truth, enabling collaborative decisions. Using standard secure data connectors and common processes, these solutions use a common scaleable backbone and a secure cloud or hybrid platform. Technologiks will be making the full Insight Delivered product suite available to local customers. “Insight Delivered has created unique, industry-leading solutions. Based on the award-winning Qlik toolset, all of the products have been designed to empower financial and business stakeholders with actionable and timely insight to help improve cost and profitability,” Naidoo says. “We are excited to be able to leverage not just the technology that Insight Delivered has developed, but also the company’s globally experienced team of financial process and technology experts They have years of experience in bringing a structured but innovative approach to complex business data and decision making, and we are looking forward to working with them.” [Spokesperson] at Insight Delivered explains that the partnership with Technologiks is part of a strategic growth plan. “Africa is growing, and African businesses looking to become more competitive are having to turn to international vendors. We believe in a personalised and localised approach, and chose to partner with Technologiks to bring Insight Delivered’s innovations to our African clients. Technologiks has a world-class analytics practice, and combined with its expertise in developing brands in Africa, we felt this partnership was a perfect fit,” he says. “With the addition of Insight Delivered’s solutions to our portfolio, we are able to help customers go beyond static standard reports and spreadsheets to gain actionable insight and intelligent judgement. We are looking forward to helping customers get the most out their data, together with Insight Delivered,” Naidoo concludes.

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