Data management

Govern your data like the strategic asset it is

With the huge amount of data that organisations hold and process, managing data the right way is paramount in today’s world. Our solution has been designed to ensure data consistency and improve data quality, enabling oganisations to gain the insights they need to make better business decisions. With a focus on governance and compliance to regulations like POPI and GDPR, we help customers achieve business readiness for AI and BI, helping to improve business planning, financial performance, and maximise profits.


Privacy, Governance, Compliance and Security


With huge datasets comes huge responsibility

Our data privacy governance solution engages with business, IT, and data security to govern all types of personal data for compliance.



Streamline your analytics efforts 

From building a technology blueprint, to defining the analytics vision, to deployment and support, Technologiks ensures that you will achieve results with your data analytics programme, wherever you are in your journey.



Data Management in the Cloud


Gain control of business data in the cloud


Our cloud-based data management solution includes migration, automated archiving and backup to ensure the company’s information is always available and up to date.