Digital Identity

“Identity will be the most valuable commodity for citizens in the future, and it will exist primarily online.” - Eric Schmidt, Google Chairman – The New Digital Age (April 2013)

Technologiks is the exclusive distributor of the world’s leading integrated identity solutions. Governments and regional authorities worldwide trust the company’s uniquely comprehensive product portfolio.

Driver’s license

We provide the latest technologies for the enhancement of (electronic) driving licenses into more secure and trustworthy documents. Our driver’s licence solutions offer a wide range of materials, security features and operating systems, and Technologiks will help support customers through the entire switchover process, from revised enrollment and issuance procedures to the development of mobile services that provide further convenience and better user experience on mobile devices.


Mobile driver's license

Our mobile driver’s license solution makes the identification process easier, more secure, and more efficient for traffic officers and citizens. The mobile driver’s license inspection solution helps officers to identify both conventional and digital driver’s licenses by using smartphones, and the intelligent software even recognises out-of-state or out-of-province licenses. It also guides officers through how to find security elements and check if they are intact, which helps them to distinguish genuine documents from counterfeits.

Supporting a convenient and user-friendly interaction between citizens and law enforcement officers, the mobile driver’s license application for smartphone users allows citizens to have their driver’s license on their smartphone. This allows them to provide driving credentials and ID without having to carry a card or wallet around.

Our solution can also be used by the private sector, as digital driver’s licenses can be used on mobile devices to open bank accounts or access age-restricted services. Mobile driver's licenses could speed up a service provider’s internal processes, save time and money, and prevent other problems that accompany weaker means of identification. Our mobile driver’s license solution also provides access to smart services which afford the user greater freedoms, such as the option to change their address, or use driver’s license renewal services using face-matching technology.


Vehicle Registration

Electronic Vehicle Registration Cards (eVRC), tamper-evident certificates of vehicle ownership, have proven themselves a formidable weapon in the fight against vehicle registration fraud. Because the eVRC constitutes a tamper-proof link between tax payments on record and vehicle ownership, it eliminates the possibility for vehicle owners to dodge taxation with fake license plates and bogus paperwork.

Using world-leading technology, Technologiks is able to provide customers with the latest technologies for the enhancement of eVRCs. Customers can look forward to highly secure, credit card-sized vehicle registrations. These high-quality smart cards are robust, flexible, compatible with security enhancements and affordable to produce. They are compliant with major standards (ISO/IEC, European Vehicle Registration and AAMVA) and can be personalised centrally or decentralised, as required by the customer.


Voter registration

Our technoology supports enrollment, data management and personalisation use cases for voter registration systems. Depending on the customer’s needs, it can be tailored to work with legacy systems or an Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS). It can also interface with downstream systems, for example to send reminders to the voter’s physical or email address about upcoming elections and even assign polling stations based on the distribution of voters to avoid unnecessary wait times.

Because our solution can retrieve existing biographic information by accessing national registers via Web Services or databank links, it is ideally suited for situations where the voter registration system must enroll new voters or gather missing information from the national register. Our solution can also be configured to initiate the printing of voter documents. Some countries continue to use paper documents with name, address, etc. to identify the voter and assign polling stations, while others use voter cards with some form of picture, signature or fingerprint. In all cases, citizen and issuer can be sure the documents are secure, correct and credible.


Residence permits

We support governments and public authorities around the world by providing solutions tailored to deliver the greatest possible benefit for all stakeholders. This starts with documents that can adapt to the latest regulations and technological standards. Residence permit cards, for example, can be designed to handle a variety of different biometric identifiers, from full facial imaging to fingerprints — decreasing the possibilities of misuse.

Depending on the needs of the specific country, the card’s chip can also be incorporated into other applications. This can potentially include the use of public services, for example, or as a method for unique authentication when shopping online or accessing other Internet services.

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National ID

Using the latest technology, Technologiks works at each customer’s side through the complex process of planning the issuance of national ID documents. This includes consulting on the development of the card material and security features as well as the operating systems and applications and cryptographic mechanisms; data acquisition in registration offices and secure data transmission; and even the personalisation of the documents.

In consultation with customers, we develop individual national solutions tailored to fit both country-specific factors and international standards. The result is a modern, user-friendly document that complies with the latest national and international regulations and technological standards.



Technologiks works with 3rd generation electronic passports to ensure convenient, hassle-free cross-border entry and a verified form of identification. Our ePassport turnkey solutions cover the entire process, from enrollment and document generation to data management and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), personalisation and document usage or border controls. Every component complies with ICAO and interoperability requirements as well as the customer’s specific needs and individual processes. We have established a pool of redundant passport production sites to guarantee independence and security in any situation, even during disaster recovery.



We deploy highly secure visa labels featuring a Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) and a photo based on ICAO Doc 9303 part 2. These are then combined with a secure backend enrollment system and inkjet personalisation at the embassy. Personalised data is associated with the issued visa in the backend system to aid with border control.

Our system produces ultra-secure visa labels with state-of-the-art security features, including intaglio printing, holographic patches and sophisticated serial numbering. The architecture of the visa system can be adapted to meet the customer’s specific situation, ensuring maximum security along the value chain. The solution been designed to be incorporated into real-life workflows without slowing the process.

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Border management

We use a flexible, scalable system that supports faster, safer and more efficient border control processes from the start. Our solution includes fully integrated, clearly defined and replicable processes at and between primary and secondary inspection work places, Automated Border Control (ABC) and mobile inspection work places.

Our border control solution helps agencies establish a more effective and reliable cordon at land, air and sea border checkpoints. The solution implements immigration processes that go beyond advanced document and identity verification, incorporating the customer’s clearing rules into the immigration verification process.

Customers gain the ability to capture and verify biometrics at arrival and/or departure, helping establish unambiguous identification of the traveller while simultaneously authenticating travel document data. The system has been created to be unobtrusive and user friendly, offering a ‘proper and measured’ feel to the document holder.

The powerful Border Control backend system provides easy border control configuration and border management services. With the Entry / Exit System as part of the backend, customers can track traveller movements over time, capturing and verifying additional biometrics on arrival as needed, review adherence to visa regulations, gather statistics for tourism services and more.


Customers can also offer enhanced traveller services by incorporating a Registered Traveller Programme (RTP) System into ABC systems. The RTP system can handle application, eligibility verification and eligibility granting for dedicated traveller groups.



We combine modern IT infrastructures with smart healthcare cards to streamline processes in the healthcare system. All parties can be assured of working with up-to-date, personalised information about the patient, courses of treatment and insurance, without compromising data security.