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eCommerce Digital Journey
Seamless experience for brand success


Offering a compelling eCommerce experience used to be the bleeding edge of retail. Now it’s a requirement for survival. From the increasing pressure of customer demand – particularly from young, tech-savvy customers – to the demands imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic, brand success is dependent on the seamlessness of their experience.


However, before companies rush to expand their eCommerce capabilities, they need to step back and consider the underlying drivers of value for their specific business. With multiple approaches and technologies to choose from, it can be challenging for organisations to ensure they are investing in the right solution to deliver value.


Mapping solutions to the organisation’s specific needs and requirements, we create eCommerce solutions that assist companies to create higher revenue, higher profits, and more sustainable digital business.

Technologiks eCommerce platform

Technologiks uses Adobe Magento Open Source or commercial modules to build online stores with the assistance of our international solutions partner, i-Vista. Our solution has been designed to provide the most effective and profitable eCommerce online store solution for both B2B and B2C clients.


Delivering app-like shopping experiences via mobile and desktop devices, we ensure that the business can execute on all of its strategic plans for growth and expansion. Our comprehensive solution is standardised, but is flexible enough to be expanded and customised to meet every organisation’s growth and future needs.


The Technologiks eCommerce platform includes Inventory Management, allowing the business to manage inventory across one or multiple locations and sales channels with concurrent checkout protection and shipment matching algorithms. With one central management system, our solution integrates with a number of third-party solutions to help further develop and customise the online store.