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Data Management in the Cloud
Gain control of business data in the cloud


Moving data from one location to another is not a simple task. It often involves changes in storage platforms, databases, or applications with the overall goal of improving performance and increasing competitive advantage. The migration process is becoming significantly more challenging as data is being moved into the cloud. Technologiks’ migration solution allows enterprises and service providers to migrate block-level data from any host, operating system, storage array and location over fibre channel and iSCSI networks easily, and without extensive configuration or preparation and minimal operation impact and risk. Your data migration process is performed online or on-premise (as per business regulations) and optimised for maximum throughput based on your storage and network’s activity level through intelligent QoS.


Our cloud-based data management solution includes automated archiving and backup to ensure the company’s information is always available and up to date. Our solution offers better backup and restore performance, reduced cost, increased security and regulatory compliance.